Description Edit

A former member of SOLDIER has come to destroy one of the Mako Reactors--machines that harness the planet's Lifestream to generate power.

Extra Edit

This also serves as part of the tutorial in the game.

Difficulty Edit

Classic Dungeon: 1

Elite Dungeon: 14

Rewards Edit

Completion Reward Edit

  • Gil x 700

Mastery Reward Edit

  • Black Mage x 1
  • White Mage x 1

First Time Reward Edit

  • Mythril x 1
  • Stamina Shard x 5

Levels Edit

Mako Reactor No. 1 (BOSS) Edit

Stamina 3, Rounds 4

Round 1 Edit

Special Combatant x 1

Sweeper x 1

Round 2 Edit

Special Combatant x 2

Round 3 Edit

Special Combatant x 1

Sweeper x 1

Round 4 Edit

Guard Scorpion x 1

Target Score (BOSS) Edit

  • Defeat the Guard Scorpion without being KO'd.

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